Sunday, 1 December 2013

Spent the weekend in Norfolk, on the beautiful east coast of England. This morning, good chum and I went for a last walk before the drive back to London and thought, "Whoa! What the...?" But yes! Coming toward us were three very sweet alpacas being taken for a trek. This is a thing, apparently. You pay money and then you get to walk one of these somewhat nervy animals along for an hour. Different, I suppose...
It was a lovely day, the kind where you think, "Hurrah! This is my life! And this world? It's f&6king amazing! So beautiful!" And to prove it, check out the blue of the sky, the grassy meadow and all accompanied by the sound of at least three different bird calls going on. Just wonderful. It wasn't even that cold for the first of December, though we had wrapped up in many layers. But walking along with a good friend, talking about this and that, stopping to chat to the alpacas, well, it's all good. 
It's also that part of the world where, when the tide goes out, it really goes out. This isn't even the whole hog and already all those boats are stranded.

We went on so many beautiful walks: along the coast, inland through Holkham Hall's grounds, as well as mooching around the town of Wells. It's one of those sweet places where, if you buy something, the shopkeeper still wraps it up in brown paper or, if you need to go get change, will put the thing you want to buy away behind the counter until you come back. In other words, the sort of people who make you feel as if they care and see you as a person, not just another body passing by.

I liked the look of these Brussels sprouts, still on their stalk and the realness of the partridges hung up outside the butcher.

On the other side of the doorway was a similar line of pheasants hanging up.

The light filtering through the trees of the grounds of Holkham Hall was like something from a dream and the deer were sometimes so still, I actually thought two bucks were statues
(duh, stupid city person!).

It wouldn't be the Norfolk coast, or any other British seaside, without the obligatory beach huts, so here they are (below). Lovely and well-loved relics still very much in use.

And now back to the London routine. Thank you J & S for a lovely weekend!

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