Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wedgwood the Restaurant, Edinburgh

Need to do a little bit of back-tracking here, because I can't leave (literararily speaking) Scotland without mentioning the best meal we had up there. It was at Wedgwood the Restaurant (no doubt so named to distinguish it from the potters) and if I say it's on the Royal Mile, don't let that put you off. This is no tourist trap or deep-fried Mars bar den.

When we made our reservation, we said that my Dining Companion has diabetes, so along with sweet things, also off the menu are carbs, so no bread, pasta, rice and a host of other sly ingredients. Finding places that serve things DC can actually eat can be challenging, so you can imagine how touched we were when we arrived and he was presented with an entire menu on which Chef had edited out the can't-haves from his dishes. 

We were brought a plate of focaccia and rosemary-infused olive oil (which, alas – or perhaps, greedily – only I could enjoy) while we made our selection from the interesting menu. However, as Wedgwood the Restaurant is keen that you take your time over a meal there, there is no anxious hovering of staff while you munch and discuss the options. 

I had the lobster thermidor with Parmesan shortbread, caviar, sea lettuce bloody Mary sorbet and lobster oil. Each element was delicious: the shortbread nice and rich; the sorbet wonderfully icy, and both crunchy and soft at the same time; and the thermidor was thick and flavourful, with nice chunks of lobster. I used the focaccia to mop up every last bit. 

For main, I had the sesame and soy glazed sea trout with pak choi. Again, tender fish, everything deeply flavourful and, unlike many gourmet eateries, although our plates didn't look overfull, we were more than satisfied with the amounts we'd eaten, to the point that I wasn't sure I could fit in a dessert. However, I just couldn't pass up the Very Sticky Toffee Pudding with Caol Ila butterscotch vanilla ice cream. Very sadly, I couldn't finish it.

I haven't even mentioned the very refreshing palate cleanser that came after our starters, or the wonderfully calm, relaxing atmosphere or the delicous wines I had, but I'm getting behind in my blogging of life's amazing journey, so just believe me when I say: If you're in Edinburgh, looking for a very enjoyable dinner, this is your place.