Monday, 25 November 2013

 Saw this border as I was coming out of the Leicester Square Underground station in central London. From a distance, it looks almost Egyptian, but with a closer look, I see it's London Transport's initials. Very cute and the sort of decorative detail folks were very good at once. I think most of the Underground stations were built in the 1930s... Ok, my wrong. 1906. Yup, that's the year Leicester Square Underground station was first opened. Those crazy Victorians were big on their decorative details.

Got to love the English sky. So expansive and, with the double whammy of being the first bit of land a lot of weather finds when it comes across the Atlantic and being an island, those skies are often fast moving and interesting to look at. This one was seen on a walk toward Ivinghoe Beacon, on the Bucks/Herts counties border. Just before the cloud came in, the sky was a perfect china blue (you can still see a scrap of it in the distance) and the the way the sunlight fell through the trees and lit the yellow and orange leaves that still haven't fallen was so pretty it made us stop in our tracks.
Again, the light providing pretty tricks for us as we walked along the edge of a turnip field. Just beyond the trees, but too far for my now-sad iPhone 1.0 to capture with any clarity, was a chalk lion carved out of the topsoil on a hillside – much like the Uffingham White Horse in Wiltshire – only this one made by Whipsnade Zoo. Still pretty cool.

The bedroom painting goes on (and on), but at least the wardrobe doors are on and this weekend I had help, which definitely broke the back of this project. Am beginning to get excited about how it will look when it's finished. I know, small things for small minds, but when you've been scheming for almost 8 years about how your home 'could' look, it's a bit fun when even a little part of that comes true.

Am rewarding anyone still reading with the view we got from the top of the hill. Lovely, n'est pas?

Goodbye weekend - hello, Monday!

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