Thursday, 12 December 2013

Must be ever so quick this morning, as even as I type I should be rushing around getting ready to leave for work... Below is a look at the fog we woke to yesterday, the same which shut Heathrow and another of the smaller London airports. And, just to prove that no two days are alike on this island, today I woke to a frost so thick I was sure it must have snowed in the night. It has already melted though.
Going about one's normal life in London, it's easy to not see the details that make up the whole, like the fine air vent covers in Wood Green underground station. I like the way they hark to an actual green space, as if, when you leave the station you might find wild does and trees (it was once part of a wood, as my 1500s map shows), rather than the noisy, concreted-over landscape of shopping malls and a cinema complex. 
And now to rush!

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