Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wanted to fill in the blanks from Saturday's walk in Broxbourne Woods... We came upon this great idea: woodland grazing. Is how the woods would once have been managed and, also, feeds the cows, so they are trying it again and it looks as if it's working. An added plus is that it looks nice too.
Then there were the woods. Some obviously planted, some showing signs of old coppicing. We had an old (30 years?) Ordinance Survey map and a smartphone compass which I didn't trust because the message across the screen read 'No Service'. Does the compass work when there's no connection? Don't know (answers gratefully received!).

And so, after several hours walking, it was time to return. Let's go back a different way! Just to make it more interesting! Great idea... until, after some time,  we couldn't be sure if we were actually heading in the right direction. It's a strange thing, but even so close to London, even in a contained wood – yes, if we'd picked any direction and walked long enough, we would have got to a road – when the light starts to fade and you're tired, it can start to feel that it could be a good long time before you get where you want to be. So, not scared, not upset, but just a little... lost!

But, obviously, we found our way eventually and made it to the evening rendezvous with a very old friend - one of the three other women I first came to London with back in the year––  Oh, is that the time? Must run or I'll be late for work!

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