Thursday, 24 October 2013

Went straight from one place of work in Shoreditch, in east London, to meet a friend for dins. London is a vast city that was, except for the actual City bit, villages and hunting grounds and such like which got swallowed up, but because of this, each bit has its own distinctive look. For instance, above we have the Bishopsgate area, where one of the original gates into the City of London was (but not since the 1700s). Off down the side streets there are still many lovely old buildings, most now getting loved up by the hipster money pouring into the area, but this main drag is plainly banking/insurance/big business, new-bucks glass things (note the Gherkin [that's pickle to you North Americans] at the back).

But enough of this! And so to Covent Garden in central London...
Which is different again: low rise, more old-money built and hoards of tourists any time of year. And then, after eating and drinking and catching up, on my walk back to the tube, what should I see getting delivered to the piazza?
Yes, those are Christmas trees.

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