Monday, 30 September 2013

And so to Broxbourne Wood in Hertfordshire to escape the maddening crowds of capital living. First up, the Scupture Walk. And who is this fine knight in not-such-shining armour? Perhaps not... And so on to the woods proper...

Online, the website said, "A great place for fungi enthusiasts!" As if anyone would be that?! But we are converted.
So many different sorts and so many! Walking towards us came a group of eastern Europeans, their carrier bags heavy with foraged somethings.
   "Hello," I said to the first.
   "Hello," he sad.
   "What are you picking?" I asked, curious to know which was edible, as two of the group leaned to the ground to add a few more whatevers they were looking for to their bags.
   "Nothing. We are just... Nothing!" said the man who had said hello. He smiled nervously and the whole group moved on very quickly.

Did they think I was going to tell them off for foraging? I was only interested to know if we could eat them too.
 They grew from any spot like parasites.

We were as excited as children, looking out for the next kind.

But, oh ho! What is this? Something out of a fairy tale, surely! You mean, they're real? These things really exist? Oh yes!
Some were more subtle.

Some just different.
And some simply awesome because of their size. Will add adventure of how we got lost when there is more time, but suffice to say for now, that since looking all these beauties up to see if any could have been dinner, I have been worrying about that group of eastern Europeans...

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