Tuesday, 19 August 2014

London Japanese food, fire, BBQ and rainbows

Sushi Hiroba ( www.sushihiroba.co.uk ) calls itself a Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant, but we didn't notice anything particularly Korean. My son and I ordered a lot, even though it was lunchtime – maybe because it was lunchtime – and everything was very good, from the tofu bags stuffed with rice to the California roll. It's what I would call mid-range price-wise (we really did order a ton of dishes and it came to £20 per head), but if you're near Holborn and in the mood for sushi, this is your place.

The temperature here in london has gone from mid-70s to upper 60s. Just enough so you take a jacket with you when you head out for the day. Mostly though, the sky is still blue, but with a definite autumnal tinge to the air... Which put a friend of mine and I in the mood for a burn. This means sitting in her backyard and burning sticks and various pieces of wood found in skips in a metal brazier. Bottle (or two!) of white wine is requisite and we managed to talk the night away, catching up as we hadn't had a chance to do for some time. I ended up walking home at 2am and the only other living thing I came upon was a lonely cat. Was nice to learn that, in fact, this city does sleep. So often nowadays, if feels like, whenever you go out, there are always folk driving around, whatever time it is. For once though, all was quiet.

I was lucky enough to get invited to two BBQs over the weekend. This meant that a) I got to sit in nice gardens and b) I got to eat nice food that I didn't have to make. Perfect combinations!

In between the sunshine though, we have also been having heavy showers. As an aside, yesterday I read a weather forecast that went like this: 'Sunshine and heavy showers later in the day.' Um, so what was going to happen earlier in the day? Anyway, pedantry done with... The mix has meant plenty of rainbows. Two double ones sighted in one week and last night an extraordinarily strong – that is, bright – one, so that is what I leave you with. Let me know if you find those pots of gold!

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