Wednesday, 2 July 2014

National Garden Scheme

Briefly, a scheme that raises money for charities, where people open their gardens to the public, charge a small fee and sell raffle tickets, teas and cakes.

This one was held on my road and, more out of nosiness than anything else, went along with an ex-neighbor and a couple of current ones to have a look.

Best thing about the garden? That it backs onto our local park, so lots of green and a sense of privacy. Worst thing? The them and us aspect this particular household had going on. They'd obviously invited a pile of friends over for the day as well, who were all indoors escaping the drizzle, playing guitars and generally having a party. We, like the sad matchstick girl, stood outside getting damp while we sniffed their mock orange. Ex-neighbor shared that the man of the house plays guitar with Paul McCartney, while the woman is one of his backing singers, so they are no doubt use to shunning the hoi polloi, but still. Needless to say, we didn't stay long.

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