Friday, 18 July 2014

Haute Savoie, France

Polenta bread. Made on the premises. The premises being le 1920 restaurant. I am very keen to say something about this experience, because it was, quite simply, amazing, but after a day in 30°C heat, walking down les Frasses, my brain is boiled and I worry I wouldn't do it justice, so think of this as a teaser.

Toward the end of our walk, which included postcard perfect photo opps, we passed my kind of bus stop: one with a bench facing away from the road and toward the view.

We also heard many cow bells, which I recorded but haven't yet figured out how to upload onto this site.

Have just realized that my brain is actually too melted to even say anything sensible and halfway interesting, so I'm going to stop, get dressed for the evening and take myself down to centre-ville Megève for a glass of vin rouge and dinner. Plus tard...

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