Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer in the city

This little fellow greets you when you go into the Charlotte Street Hotel in a pretty, villagey area of central London called Fitzrovia. We were there to see the UK preview screening of Million Dollar Arm. I know this has been out in the States for a few weeks, but it's not hitting these shores until August.

While there are those who say, if a film is based on a true story, you can't 'give the plot away', I argue that not everyone knows every true story and I prefer to see things blind: that is, without knowing what's going to happen, hence my dislike of the current style of producing trailers, which tell you absolutely everything. Is maddening. If the story is told well, I do not need to know what it's about before I see it. Another pet peeve: people who insist on giving away the punchline of a film before you've seen it. Please. Don't.). So, without giving anything about the plot away – even though it is based on a true story – I will simply say that as the film unfolded, I thought to myself, This will play better here than it did it in the States. I don't even know how it did in the States, but it contains certain cultural references which are closer to the hearts of the British people. Also? For what it's worth, I thought this was a charming movie and would recommend it, even if it is made by Disney.

The walk home from the bus stop afterward gave me this: an almost Narnia-like lamppost in the gathering twilight, but still, it was 9.30. That's PM, as in nighttime, and still so bright. We are having a perfect English June. Long, sunny days with temperatures in the low 70s. The green is in full swing and the birds seem to have multiplied over the winter so that, with the windows open, there's practically a cacophony of song. With all the sunlight, everyone is walking around smiling and being pleasant to each other. And you wonder why I bang on about the weather so much...

One last view of the park below, showing it's magical side. 

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