Wednesday, 2 April 2014

North London

In that lull that comes after a late-winter break (Fuerteventura) and a spring get-away (Scottish Borders - can't wait!), I have been planning more escapes. The French Alps are nicely waiting in mid-summer, but there was an inviting gap before then which - fingers crossed - was filled last night.

Ever since a conversation with a woman who told me about her trip to Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia a few years ago, I've been considering heading that way. It looks beautiful, isn't (yet?) over-discovered by the likes of my ilk and I feel like going a bit off the beaten track. However, could I interest anyone in going to Albania with me? I could not. Montenegro, however, looked like a goer and fairly easy to navigate (though the driving sounds a little hairy!). I've just discovered there may be a ferry from Dubrovnik to the area I'm hoping to stay though, and as I love boats, this could be the answer. Will keep you posted.

On other fronts, the bicycle has been serviced and is back in use. Monday I did the 7-mile downward trip to Shoreditch: refreshing, easier and quicker than I remember. Tuesday (yesterday), I did the 7-mile uphill return. Not terrible, but had to get off and walk at two points: Crouch and Muswell hills. I know that, as I get fitter, I will be able to stay in the saddle all the way, but it will take a while.

Today's picture, by the way, is of the road I would choose to live in if money were absolutely no object. It's in north London, has a tube station at one end, but is surrounded by woods. Also, my favorite house is on it. Best of all worlds! Will I ever live there? Who cares! It's just fun to dream.

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