Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday

Not confetti - well, unless you want to call petals nature's confetti! It's that time of year when the blossom starts to rain down and collect in drifts on the sidewalks.

Also seems to be the time of year for a terrible cold, that's had me – and plenty of others – knocked out and feeling low most of the week. And, in truth, that's just added to the general boo feeling that's been lurking around. First there were various ridiculous things going on work-wise which I would love to elaborate on but wouldn't be worth it. Then to see a preview of possibly the worst film I've seen this year. It starred a man who, while he may be very clever and occasionally very funny is still, himself, the embodiment of the antisex. Overweight, spex wearing, galumphing... However, in his movies, he always pairs himself with a hot woman. Even in these more (ahem!) enlightened times, I still don't think there are many gorgeous women running around who can't wait to get hooked up with guys who look like they spend their days sitting in front of screens wearing lounge pants and eating ice cream straight from the tub. However, there is probably a big market for movies starring guys like this who look like they can still score the hottest babe in town. Fantasy films, I guess... But not for me. Just a big yawn.

But, hurrah! A four-day weekend over which to restore, refresh and rejuvenate. Just in the nick of time! And, mighty exciting, have just learned brother and family are flying to France in July, so we will go join them for the weekend they're in Paris. Can't be bad!

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