Monday, 8 February 2016

Uzès toward Moulin des Carrières

Day 3 or possibly 4, and having explored the Vallee de l'Eure in one direction, when the sun came out a second afternoon in a row, it seemed like a good excuse to explore in the other. The waymarker said Moulin des Carrières, 0.6km, but I walked more than that and never came to a windmill.

Nevermind, because what I did see was amazing enough. A path made from a natural stone ledge. Is this what the Romans walked along as they plotted their aqueduct? Or maybe just made their way to and from Nîmes? Who knows? But it's certainly an interesting walkway.

The reward for following it was a very Mediterranean-feeling bend, with those very particular sorts of pine trees that I've only ever seen this far south.

And then, around this bend, a fantastically constructed dry stone wall, worth the trip all by itself.

The path split here and both options seemed to go on and on, neither promising a windmill though. It seemed then, that it must be time to turn around and head back, along that extraordinary causeway of stone.

All this walking has made me bolder though. After getting back to town, I went to the tourist office to find out about buses to nearby St Quentin la Poterie, because I'm keen to check out the Friday market there and the pottery it's named for. The buses, it turns out, run there at 8.35am latest, with the first returning one at 13.10. As it's only a 5-minute bus ride, that leaves a LOT of market time. Probably too much. But then a little digging and I learn it's less than 5km from Uzès. Who needs a bus? I'll walk...

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