Thursday, 21 May 2015


Is true that my pictures of this Channel crossing may not be the best, but it's also true that it was a pleasure from start to finish. Although our scheduled crossing time was 4.20pm, the friendly – and amusing – chap at the ticket office told us we could get on the very next train – which was more like 2pm. He also joked with us in a jolly manner, making us laugh and feel good about travelling with Eurotunnel.

There wasn't any waiting and we just drove straight on, everyone smiling and waving us forward.

Once on the train, it was smooth, painless and – even better – an informative sign in the loo let us know we were getting the car across in the greenest way possible.

Finally, in our carriage, which contained four cars, there was a happy holiday atmosphere and I had a fascinating conversation with a man who had a very fancy Porsche – and who shared that he was a private racing car driver (as opposed to one who drove for a team). My first time meeting one (and I'm not even sure I knew such a thing existed before!), so interesting too and our crossing was over in a flash.

Thank you, Eurotunnel, for making it all so easy and keeping us green!

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