Monday, 17 February 2014

I know it's part of the British psyche to complain about the weather and, all around the world, it is rolled out as part of their stereotype, but truthfully, it has been quite Day After Tomorrow-ish here, pretty much since early January. It's all down to the Gulf Stream, which has shifted and so no longer visits these shores, combined with the artic air coming from the west rather than the east – or something apocalyptic. The upshot being that the wind has raged and the skies have opened and acres are under water and the coastline has shape-shifted.

At any event, to say it was good to see the sun yesterday is a bit like saying it was nice to eat after a three-day fast. That is, along with water, food and sleep, sunshine must be up there with the necessary ingredients to survival – at least mentally. Or, at least, for me.

And so to the Chilterns and, in particular, Ivinghoe Beacon on the Ridgeway, to get outside and soak some up. Delicious!

That was yesterday. Today we have slid back to Overcast Grey. Not as chi-chi as Elephant's Breath or Borrowed Light – in fact, if I'm honest, it's pretty depressing – but it is still February, after all. I'm practically holding my breath for Fuerteventura, which is where I'm headed next. I've never been to any Canary Islands before, so tips most gratefully received! I'm hoping that, as it will be March, it will be too early for the whole 18-30 crowd and too late for the Saga sun seekers. My driver for going is star-gazing: it's been designated one of the world's four top spots for this activity, due to the low light pollution, and the highlight of our trip will be a guided evening looking up and getting to use a whopping great telescope.

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